New York law to address bedbug infestations

A new law in New York is now in force to protect consumers from the current bedbug infestation. The bedbug problem has grown to near epidemic proportions in crowded cities like New York City. This has become a problem in many areas but experts point out that crowded cities that are hot spots for tourists are also hot spots for bedbugs. Public health experts have complained about the dangers of letting this problem continue unabated. Just thinking about bedbugs makes most people’s skin crawl and itch. Now lawmakers in New York have signed a law that requires real estate owners to disclose to potential renters the history of bedbug infestation in the apartment or anywhere else in the building. Lawmakers hope this will allow people to properly decide if an exterminator is needed or if they even want to rent the residence. There is also a hope that this will curb the number of negligence lawsuits brought against building owners and hotels in New York. Personal injury lawyers throughout NY report a surge in bedbug attacks on unsuspecting and upset clients. Many prominent buildings in New York have found bedbug infestations, including the Brooklyn district attorney’s office and Time magazine headquarters. Public health advocates note this is an important step in the right direction in dealing with this neglected problem. For more on this law and the bedbug problem check out this site.

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