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Medical malpractice investigation raises concern about medical board inaction

Concerns have come to light about state medical boards avoiding discipline of doctors who have significant medical malpractice claims against them. Examples have been shown where physicians have even been suspended from hospitals but no report or actions took place within the medical board. Accusations have been made that these oversight boards have avoided taking actions against the medical license of these healthcare practitioners despite serious public safety concerns. Some have noted that these medical boards are most comprised of and controlled by other doctors. Public health activists say that patient safety must be the primary concern. They warn that inaction by the oversight committees and boards may be an issue of negligence that can lead to significant consequences. A doctor who is under investigation for medical negligence or hospital error can go on to commit more mistakes if nothing is done to correct the problem. Safety advocates believe that it is the duty of the boards to inquire as to the seriousness of accusations and potential for future hard. Based on this initial inquiry they can take action to prevent further harm or doctor mistake while a more comprehensive investigation is undertaken. Some instances require retraining of doctors and staff to avoid delayed diagnosis, surgical mistakes and even a wrong diagnosis. Avoidance of taking real action against a potentially negligent doctor can be due to doctors wanting to protect their own, according to some commentators. However, this may lead to a dangerous situation and lack of public trust in the system meant to protect them from medical negligence. You can find out more about this medical malpractice investigation here.

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Doctors concerned about glucose test strip errors

Federal officials have issued a warning about potential medical mistakes that can occur from using a particular blood sugar test strip. The glucose test strips, commonly used by patients with diabetes, have been recalled due to incorrect results that have been occurring from their usage. The strips are used by placing them into an electronic glucose monitor with a small sample of the patient’s blood placed onto the strip. The lab test results that come back from the electronic monitors have been showing errors, usually indicating abnormally high sugar levels by mistake. According to reports, the medical-grade diabetic strips have been distributed in multiple regions, including the New York area. Consumers and medical professionals alike have expressed concern regarding the medical errors that may come from this dangerous situation. Patients and doctors make health care decisions based on the results obtained from the test, such as how much medication to take or even which medicine to prescribe. A doctor’s mistake can easily occur if the test result comes back high and the doctor or patient doesn’t properly recognize the signs and symptoms of high or low blood sugar. The product recall comes with a warning that medication errors or prescription mistakes must be considered for all patients that have been using the affected batch of incorrect blood test strips. Some have warned the public that serious adverse effects, including illness, disability and wrongful death can all be associated with the use of damaged medical supplies. The danger involved, especially for those with diabetes or risk of sugar abnormalities, is a serious one that should be discussed with your doctor or health professional. Consumers, doctors and nurses are advised to read up more about this medical product recall here.

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