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Woman suffers traumatic brain injury from falling object

New York – This twenty-three year old woman was walking on a Manhattan sidewalk when she was hit in the head by a falling object. The injured woman was caught by surprise as she walked with a friend during a rain storm. Suddenly, a heavy chair flew off of a high balcony of a nearby residential building in a heavy wind. The falling debris came crashing down on the woman causing a severe head injury with serious intracranial hemorrhage or bleeding. She was rendered unconscious and bystanders called for an ambulance. Paramedics stabilized the injury victim and she was rushed to a hospital’s trauma center to undergo emergency surgery. Doctors were able to save her life and treated her severe neurological injuries along with various other wounds. The woman was hospitalized at Bellevue Hospital and continues to struggle to recover from her disabling injuries. They fear that she may have a permanent disability as a result of physical injuries. However, the neuropsychiatric and neurological injury can also leave her with permanent cognitive problems, a post-traumatic stress disorder as well as an adjustment disorder.

The woman has decided to file a personal injury lawsuit claiming negligence on behalf of the owners and residents of the apartment. The claim of negligence is based on the fact that furniture, loose objects and debris should be removed or secured to a balcony or rooftop before a wind storm can blow it over. It is the responsibility of home owners and building managers to maintain basic safety standards to prevent injury or wrongful death. You can see more about this horrifying accident with injuries here.

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Multi-vehicle car crash injures several people

New York – Injury victims from several vehicles involved in a car accident were taken to the emergency room in Brooklyn last week. According to witnesses, the driver of one of the cars was speeding and possibly even ran through a red light, causing the collision. The investigation into the exact cause of the motor vehicle accident is ongoing. However, sources say that at least one pedestrian was struck by a car during the series of events that took place during the accident. The pedestrian accident left that victim with multiple injuries, including possible broken bones and spinal injury according to one assessment. The other accident victims were occupants of the vehicles according to police and the extent of their injuries is still unclear. Doctors say that none of the injuries are life threatening but can lead to permanent injuries and disabilities. Further examinations will be necessary to determine further. Trauma specialists say that some injuries can be quite obvious and present themselves immediately following the collision. However, other wounds can take weeks or even months to fully identify. These include herniated disc problems, nerve injury, ligament and tendon damage or even some fractures. In addition, there are the emotional and psychological injuries and trauma of such an accident that can take a good deal of time to develop and treat. Examples of this can include post-traumatic stress disorder and adjustment disorder. See this article shares more about the speeding car accident that possibly ran a red light.

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Falling debris from Manhattan, New York building injures pedestrians

New York – Two pedestrian bystanders were injured in a construction accident in Midtown Manhattan yesterday. Workers on a scaffold above the sidewalk apparently dropped a piece of metal onto the heads of the victims below. The accident victims suffered a head injury and a neck injury and were rushed by ambulance to the emergency room of a nearby hospital. According to witnesses, the metal debris was a piece of a sign and came down with enough force to bend it.

Trauma doctors explain that this type of accident can cause a range of concerning injuries, including a traumatic brain injury, lacerations, and spinal injuries. They note that even a relatively light piece of debris can cause serious injury or even permanent disability when it comes crashing down from a height. Psychological injuries can also be found in victims of this type of accident. Some of these injuries, such as a post concussion disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder or an adjustment disorder can be latent and only come out days, weeks or even months later. Similarly, some neck and back injuries can take time until they fully show themselves. Patients who suffer an injury like this are advised to seek medical evaluation at a hospital, or at least with their primary medical doctor as soon as possible. Reports show that the construction company and/or contractors on the job will be issued a summons and fine for not properly protecting the public’s safety in this work accident. For more details about this falling debris accident and the injured pedestrian, read this article.

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Research shows high incidence of post-traumatic stress disorder in child accidents victims

A Swedish medical research study has shown that approximately 30% of children that are involved in an accident, develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The condition is a well-described psychological disorder that leaves victims with a range of symptoms that can even become debilitating. Signs and symptoms of PTSD include nightmares, sleep problems, anxiety, depression, irritability, difficulty concentrating or getting along with others, mood swings, and recurrent thoughts of accidents. Some people develop difficulty breathing, a rapid heartbeat, sweating and phobias of places that resemble the scene of the accident. The diagnosis of the psychological injury usually comes from a psychologist or psychiatrist but can also be made by an astute family doctor, neurologist or trauma specialist. Doctors say that medications and intense therapy are often necessary to treat more severe cases of the disorder. However, specialists say that even more mild cases should be diagnosed and treated appropriately in order to avoid worsening of the condition. PTSD can certainly present differently in children compared to adults. The condition is also not necessarily associated with physical accident injuries. Therefore, experts note that a medical or psychological professional should examine children that were involved in an accident to screen for the condition even if the victim did not suffer outwardly visible physical injury. Trauma specialists explain that events that may cause PTSD can include a car crash, bicycle accident, pedestrian injury, drowning or even a slip and fall accident. They further note that child accident victims may interpret even minor accidents differently than an adult. That may explain the reason for the high incidence of the psychiatric injury in children. See this informative article about post-traumatic stress disorder for more details about the condition.

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New York ranks 7th highest in dog attack lawsuit payouts

An industry report shows that just one insurance company in New York State paid out $6.4 Million in dog bite attack claims last year. Specialists say that the statistics are similar for other insurance carriers who pay hundreds of millions of dollars to injured victims of assaults by dogs. They explain that very often the dog attack could have been prevented by simply putting the canine on a leash or containing it inside of a fence. However, many dog owners are negligent and create a dangerous condition for others that share the sidewalks, streets and public parks. Public safety activists note that dog owners sometimes think that their dog is safe and well trained while the reality is that even small things can set the animal off, triggering a vicious assault. Even dogs that are on a leash as well as small dogs can pose a threat and require close monitoring, especially while in public. The unsuspecting assault victim, often young children, can suffer severe and evening life threatening injuries in the matter of seconds. Common dog attack injuries include lacerations, cuts, broken bones, head injury or even internal bleeding. The long-term effects of the trauma can lead to infections, brain damage, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), dog bite associated diseases and even death.
Police relate that local, state and federal laws regarding dog safety are in place to prevent injuries and wrongful death due to someone being attacked by a dog. In response to inquiries, they answer that owners of dogs that bite someone face fines and personal injury lawsuits. In some circumstances, the owner may face criminal charges for battery, especially if the dog was a known danger or the owner knowingly created a hazardous condition. Homeowner and renter’s insurance policies often contain a third party liability policy that helps cover the cost of a negligence lawsuit and medical bills arising from dog bites. Victims of a dog assault can speak to a qualified personal injury lawyer for further advice. This can include a general passerby, visitor or even a workman injured while at work. Check out more about the frightening reality of dog attacks in New York.

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Motorcycle road rage incident leads to multiple injuries

New York – A New York City highway was the scene of a road rage attack against the driver of an SUV and his family. Police report that the incident apparently started when a motorcycle gang surrounded the SUV on the highway, causing the driver of the vehicle to fear an assault was about to begin. The driver then quickly accelerated and struck several of the bikers. Investigators say that the motorcycle crash caused several injuries with one of the bikers injured seriously. Family members of that motorcyclist explain that the man may now be paralyzed and unable to walk again due to the accident injuries. However, video footage from the scene has prosecutors thinking that the bikers were not innocent and would not be considered victims at all. The driver of the car then sped away to avoid the gang, eventually ending up on local roads in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan. There, witnesses say, several of the bikers began hitting and breaking open the car windows and then assaulted the driver. They violently pulled the injured driver out of the vehicle and caused head injuries and facial lacerations.

Police are continuing their investigation into the incident that has left several people injured and one hospitalized. They have arrested several suspects and continue to search for others, including several police officers and even one detective. Some lawmakers and public officials have called for a crack down on dangerous motorcycle gangs in the city. They say that the speeding, reckless driving and road rage shown by some gangs must be stopped before more innocent bystanders, pedestrians and drivers get injured or even killed. The driver of the SUV truck explained to reporters that she feared for her life and for the life of her two-year-old daughter that was in the back seat of the car. It was unclear if she suffered any bodily injuries during the attack but doctors will need to further evaluate her in order to determine if she suffered emotional injuries. Specialists note that this kind of incident can leave even bystanders and family members with a post-traumatic stress disorder or other emotional injury. An injury lawyer explained that these types of injuries can also lead to a civil lawsuit besides the criminal charges that the aggressors might face. The assault victim’s injuries will likely require additional treatment and may also lead to a personal injury lawsuit. See this article for more about this road rage case.

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