$500,000 for Injured Worker After Ceiling Collapsed On Her

Ms. Padilla was at work when the ceiling suddenly fell down onto her. She sustained injuries during the accident to her shoulder and spine. The injured victim underwent a complicated operation on her shoulder to repair the damages but never fully recovered. Her doctors sent her for physical therapy for the neck and back injuries as well as her shoulder injury. After being referred to the winning New York law office of Morrison & Wagner LLP, she explained the case to her accident attorney. Her experienced lawyer contacted all of the treating physicians and gathered the necessary details in order to file a premises liability lawsuit.

The team at Morrison & Wagner guided Ms. Padilla throughout the injury lawsuit and they succeeded in getting a settlement of $500,000 for the injury victim. Read about more premises liability cases and their successful outcomes here.

Photo by M. T. Harmon [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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