Amusement park accident kills little girl in fall from Ferris wheel

The New York Post reports that a young girl fell from the Ferris wheel of a New Jersey amusement park this weekend. The eleven year old girl fell while the amusement park ride was on its way up but it is unclear why she fell. Some speculate that she fell due to inadequate safety equipment in the car she was riding in. Safety advocates say that some rides provide proper seatbelts and safety cages to keep people inside the car. However, other rides do not provide this type of protection. They report that many injuries occur due to improper safety equipment and protocols to prevent such injury or death. Amusement park injuries and carnival accidents may occur when proper safety precautions are not considered or implemented. Parents assume that events and locations like these are inherently safe for their children. Some Ferris wheel cars are enclosed to prevent falls but apparently the cars in this case were open, with a minimal door to protect the occupants. The accident victim in this Ferris wheel accident was taken to the emergency department and died in the hospital due to her severe injuries. Investigators were looking in to the inspection and maintenance records as well as the safety equipment installed at the time of the deadly accident. The amusement park was closed to allow safety inspectors to further investigate the cause of the accident. Find out more details about this deadly accident here.

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