Amusement park injury leaves woman with amputated leg and child injured

Reports of another amusement park accident raise renewed concerns of public advocates. A four-year-old girl was visiting an amusement park with her family when they were involved in a serious accident last week. The girl and her grandmother were riding on the carnival’s flume when it crashed and threw the two accident victims from the ride. The older woman suffered a serious leg injury when the flume car they were in rolled over. An air ambulance was called to the accident scene and paramedics had to amputate the injured leg at the scene. The accident victim was then flown to the hospital’s trauma unit for further treatment of her serious injuries. The young child also suffered serious injuries and required emergency treatment in the hospital. Specifics of the child’s injuries were unavailable. Two other amusement park accident events occurred over the past several weeks that have consumer safety experts worried. A New York man was killed on an amusement park roller coaster ride several weeks ago. A Ferris wheel accident killed another little girl in June, according to the New York Post. A New York accident lawyer explained that some amusement parks and carnivals do not maintain proper safety precautions in the relaxed atmosphere of their venues. He warns that negligent maintenance or repair of rides and equipment can place the public at risk for injury and death, as seen in these horrible accidents. This also places the owners of the events at serious liability for causing these injuries and wrongful deaths.

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