Another Tylenol recall sparks concerns over consumer safety

Johnson and Johnson (J&J), the manufacturer of Tylenol, has announced yet another recall of their over-the-counter medications. According to New York’s Wall Street Journal, this recent recall involves several Tylenol Cold Multi-Symptom products produced by J&J. Other products produced by the same company and involved in the recalls include children’s Motrin and Benadryl. Commentators note that these recalls are costing the company countless millions of dollars. However, consumer advocates and personal injury attorneys alike complain that the media’s attention to the lost dollars in misguided. They warn that large companies worry more about their profit than the safety of the consumers buying these defective products. Unfortunately, companies make decisions about recalling their dangerous products based on the likelihood of a negligence lawsuit, according to some lawyers in the New York area. This is very concerning because of the dangers involved in taking medications that may not work or even worse, may cause illness and injury. Advocates report that they hope the recent increases in product recalls will spark industry caution before running to launch products that have not been fully tested for safety. Consumers who want to research the recent spat of medicine recalls can read up here. If you or someone you know were injured or became ill due to defective medicine you have the right to speak to a trained attorney for advice.

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