Baby Car Seat Poses Dangerous Condition, Warns NY Personal Injury Lawyer

Consumer Reports issued a strong warning to parents to help them prevent a personal injury. The Message: Use infant car seats for their intended purposes and nothing else. Top NY personal injury attorneys have seen brain injury resulting from medical malpractice and car accidents. Indeed, child car seats help prevent New York injury. But car seats can create a dangerous condition when used outside of the car. According to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, forty three thousand infants reached USA Emergency Rooms after falling from car seats that were improperly placed on high surfaces, such as tables (2003 – 2007 data). For example, parents may exhibit reluctance to wake a sleeping child, and remove him/her from a snug car infant seat, when reaching their driving destination. But the car seat is not meant to protect a child outside of the car. The curved base of a typical infant seat fits the contours of a car, but not of a floor, sofa or table surface. In such contexts, an infant seat is likely to cause personal injury, as the seat may slip and fall. So please help keep children safe, avoid a child injury. Carefully use car seats and keeping them where they belong. 

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