Baby dies in DWI car accident on Long Island, New York

New York — Prosecutors in Suffolk county Long Island have charged the driver involved in a possible DWI car crash with vehicular homicide. Investigators believe the apparently negligent driver was drinking alcohol before driving and this caused the car accident. The man’s car crashed off the highway and hit the side of a building. The accident caused multiple injuries for 2 of the occupants but the third passenger, a 10-month-old baby, died of her accident injuries last week. Reports show that the woman accident victim was pregnant during the car crash and the baby was born after the accident. It is unclear if the newborn baby suffered any injuries due to the crash. Doctors explain that the baby could have suffered internal injuries such as brain damage, internal lacerations, organ damage or other ill effects. Drunk driving accidents that cause injuries or wrongful death can lead to both criminal and civil charges and lawsuits. A top personal injury lawyer in New York City explains that the city or state may file criminal charges against a drunk driver but an accident lawyer is needed to file a lawsuit for injuries from an accident. Another motor vehicle accident on Long Island also killed one of the victims according to Nassau County, NY police. However, two other victims of the accident were injured. Police investigators report that the car accident occurred when the driver of one of the cars was driving on the wrong side of the road. The front end collision occurred at a high rate of speed, as the crash occurred on a major New York highway. Read up on more details of the head-on collision here.

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