Bicycle accident injures pedestrian on New York City bridge

New York — A pedestrian who was walking on the Queensboro Bridge was severly injured in a bicycle accident just before the weekend. Police say that the bicycle rider struck the woman and threw her to the pavement of the roadway, causing the pedestrian victim to hit her head. Doctors explain that the victim’s head injury caused a skull fracture and several other broken bones. The accident left the woman unconscious and she was treated by paramedics and taken by ambulance to a trauma center’s emergency room. This may leave the victim with a traumatic brain injury according to neurologists. Pedestrian safety specialists in New York warn that this is far from being the first time a bicyclist has caused an accident and serious injury. Many people think of bicyclists as victims in an accident but that is not always the case. Many pedestrian versus bicycle accidents and even some car accidents are caused by negligent bicycle riders who don’t pay attention to the rules of the road. A recent article discusses the dangerous condition created by some out of control bicycle drivers who have caused pedestrian accidents and injuries in Central Park in NYC. An accident lawyer notes that just because a bicycle rider doesn’t require a driver’s license like a driver of a car or truck, does not mean they don’t need to follow the law and drive carefully. Speeding can be a problem when riding a bicycle, as is cutting off others and even road rage. A bicyclist that causes an accident with injuries or death can be held responsible for his or her actions and can face both criminal charges and a civil lawsuit. Accident victims can file an injury lawsuit against a negligent bicycle driver just as they can against a negligent car, truck or bus driver according to the New York attorney. Details about a car accident that was possibly caused by a bicyclist that cut the car off are available here.

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