Bus accident blamed on speeding and driver fatigue combination

New York — Federal investigators in a deadly bus accident have released their report showing the bus driver was at fault. Reports from the investigators and accident victims, along with a digital reconstruction of the motor vehicle accident show that the bus was speeding shortly before the crash. Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) say that one of the major contributors to the bus crash was that the bus driver was fatigued from not sleeping enough in the days before the accident. Safety rules for bus drivers require the drivers to get more rest and not drive more than 10 hours in a day. Officials note that the bus company involved in this accident has a history of problems, including discrepancies in the amount of hours their driver worked in a given day compared to what they recorded in the log books. The bus veered off to the side of the highway and rolled onto its side, striking a street sign and the guardrail. The motor vehicle crash killed 15 victims and many other were injured in the accident. Safety experts explained that the combination of the speeding bus and the driver being fatigued created a dangerous condition that led to the accident, injuries and wrongful deaths. The NTSB report also recommends changes and safety engineering options to prevent further serious accidents that can leave more victims injured in an accident. Check out this article for more on this breaking bus crash investigation.

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