Bus accident in Bronx, New York City :: 13 people killed, many injured

New York — A tour bus was involved in a severe motor vehicle accident yesterday on a busy highway in the Bronx, New York City near the border with Westchester. Officials report that the bus accident occurred when a tractor-trailer truck hit the bus that was heading toward Manhattan, causing it to skid. The bus then rolled on to its side and hit a pole. Reports show that 13 accident victims were killed and at least another 19 people were injured in the crash. The injured victims were taken by ambulance to emergency rooms and trauma rooms in the Bronx. Several of the severely injured were reported to have been rushed into emergency surgery. Safety experts say that the bus company was warned recently about allowing tired bus drivers to work. The company’s safety record shows they had 2 other car accidents with injuries over the past 2 years. It is unclear if any injury lawsuit was filed from those previous accidents. However, an accident lawyer in New York said that further investigation in to this bus accident will show if there was negligence on the side of the driver or bus company that would warrant a personal injury lawsuit. Check out details about this deadly accident here.

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