Bus accident injures multiple victims enroute to New York City

A bus loaded with passengers that were on their way to a site seeing tour was involved in a serious roll-over motor vehicle accident as it crashed on a busy highway. Nearly two dozen accident victims in the bus suffered injuries that ranged from cuts and lacerations to possible broken bones and even head injury. The bus crash occurred on a New Jersey highway as it approached their New York City destination. According to the bus driver, another vehicle caused the accident as it cut him off but investigators were still looking into this claim. The injured victims from the crash were taken to local hospital emergency rooms for evaluation and treatment of their injuries. Investigators note that bus crashes on New York roadways are still rising and this has some transportation safety advocates concerned. Investigators report that many bus accidents occur due to driver negligence or inexperience. Driver fatigue has been indicated as being a cause of some bus crashes. Bus drivers who drive long distances are very prone to falling asleep at the wheel if they are not well-rested, as usually required by law. Some motorists complain that bus and truck drivers speed too fast, cut off other drivers or are reckless drivers. They feel that the risk of injury to many more victims from these large vehicles is a major concern. Personal injury and death is always a possibility during a motor vehicle crash but larger busses and trucks that get into an accident are sometimes more likely to injure or kill innocent passengers and bystanders. Police and federal investigators are also looking into the recent bus crash to see if the bus driver and company were compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. Find out more about this bus accident investigation here.

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