Bus accident on New York highway with 30 victims

New York — A bus was involved in a rollover accident on an upstate New York highway last week. The tour bus was travelling with 30 people in bad weather when the motor vehicle accident occurred. Investigators believe that the combination of the bus driver speeding and the rainy weather contributed to the rollover accident that trapped and injured many of the accident victims. Police, fire rescue and ambulance personnel responded to the mass casualty incident and needed to extricate several passengers from the wreck. The crash happened when the bus veered off the road, went down a hill and flipped on to its side. Further investigation was underway to determine the exact cause of the accident and what caused all of the injuries. A personal injury lawyer who works with bus accident victims noted that some long distance bus crashes occur because of driver fatigue, inexperienced drivers, or other forms of negligence. Check out this site for details on this bus crash.

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