Busted :: Bogus NY Worker Compensation Claims

When a worker gets hurt on the job, such as due to a dangerous condition, he/she is often entitled to worker compensation for the NY job injury. If an employee collects worker’s comp for his job accident, he gives up his right to sue the employer for negligence. As such, it pays for an NY injury victim to know all his options before filing a Worker’s Compensation claim. An accident victim may choose to utilize a leading personal injury lawyer to sue an employer, and pursue maximum monetary compensation on behalf of the NY injury. Top Injury lawyer has won many kinds of personal injury cases, such as that of a dangerous condition in NY apartment which resulted from negligent maintenance. Payment for the Bronx injury victim totaled $4.5 million. Worker’s Compensation laws can be complex. At times, an injured party makes an unjustified disability claim. For example, this NY resident claimed to suffer an injury that prevented him from working. The Albany man filed a Worker Compensation claim with New York State Insurance Fund. Investigators recently caught the man working, despite his declared inability to work. The man’s fraudulent behavior compelled him forfeit future Worker’s Comp payments that exceeded $139,000. If you or a friend has a NY job injury, know your full legal options. Get the best NY personal injury lawyer to win your case.

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