Car accident death blamed on distracted driver

A young man of only 18 years has been found guilty of texting while driving and subsequently causing a serious car crash. The man was a teenager – 17 years old – at the time of the deadly accident. He was found to have sent nearly 200 SMS text messages on the day of the accident. More importantly, the man had sent several of those text messages within a short period of time right before the car accident. Investigators contended that the teen was a distracted driver by sending the SMS messages and they contributed to his negligence in causing the crash. The motor vehicle accident occurred as the man’s car swerved into oncoming traffic and caused a head-on collision with another vehicle. The 55-year-old accident victim who was driving the other car died due to his injuries from the collision. In addition, the teen driver who caused the accident also had a female passenger. That passenger suffered injuries in the accident and had to be hospitalized. The guilty verdict against the negligent driver was based on a recent law against driving while texting in that state. The guilty driver will serve jail time and likely will face civil lawsuits, including a wrongful death and personal injury lawsuit from the other victims and their families. The victim who died in the accident survived in the hospital for 18 days before dying of his accident injuries. A top accident lawyer explains that the lawsuits against the distracted driver may also include damages of pain and suffering of both the victim and family. Find out more about this dangerous accident and the trial verdict here.

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