Car accident kills 4 motorcyclists and passenger in the car

A car accident this week has killed 4 victims on motorcycles as well as the front seated passenger of the car. Several more motorcycle drivers and passengers were hurt in the accident. Police in California have arrested the driver of the car, charging him with drunk driving that may have helped cause the accident. The car swerved to avoid an oncoming car but then struck the motorcyclists. Investigators are questioning whether or not the impaired driver hit the motorcycles because of the alcohol dulling his senses or not. Public safety advocates from New York to California continue to warn of the dangers of alcohol. They explain that often a driver believes he or she is in control of their motor vehicle. However, once a challenging situation arises, such as an oncoming car, a drunk driver’s reaction time is dulled. The extra seconds spent processing the danger and taking action can make the difference between life and death. In this case, possibly the lives of 5 people. An accident lawyer in New York who is familiar with both wrongful death and personal injury cases explained that the family members and accident victims must now start to pick up the pieces. They may need the assistance of a trained advocate to help them navigate the medical and legal system. More details on this deadly car crash are available here.

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