Car crash kills one man, injures another in the Bronx

New York — Police in the Bronx, NY report that one man was killed in a car accident last week that was anything but an accident. Investigators explain that the pedestrian victim was run over by the car after an apparent heated argument with the driver. A second assault victim was injured when he was hit by the car. Initial reports also show that the driver of the car was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving when he crashed into the 2 men. Witnesses say this was not just a case of road rage but actually an assault on the pedestrians, possibly related to the earlier fight. In addition to the possible criminal charges against him, the car driver may also face several civil lawsuits, including a wrongful death lawsuit and personal injury case. An accident lawyer in New York City notes that a simple car accident may not necessarily be what it seems. Sometimes it is necessary to investigate further, possibly even hiring a private investigator, to determine the cause of a motor vehicle crash. An accident may truly be accidental but may also be attributed to negligence, an assault, road rage or reckless driving. This senior citizen was struck by a car while he was standing on a NYC sidewalk. To find out up-to-date information on this deadly crash read more here.

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