Chemicals and toxins cause hidden dangers at work

New York — Environmental experts say that workers are exposed to chemicals and toxins at work every day. This can lead to work injury or work illnesses that can go undetected for many years. Occupational medicine doctors fear that the many chemicals and substances not only create health hazards for workers but the effects of the interactions of these chemicals are not well known. Employers are required by law to provide data sheets on chemicals that a worker comes in to direct contact with. However, a workman’s compensation lawyer in New York explains that these laws do not include more subtle toxin exposures. These can include toxins and chemicals that are emitted from computer and laser printers, copiers, paint and new carpeting, to name just a few. Each profession comes with a different set of exposures and concerns, complicating treatment of a sick or injured worker. These chemical exposures can be through breathing them in or absorbing them through the skin. Some are even ingested when eating or drinking contaminated foods. Doctors who treat workers say that the symptoms a worker may suffer from include headaches, breathing problems, chest tightness, dizziness, nausea, or irritation of the skin, ears or eyes. A term has even been coined for a syndrome of problems a workman can suffer from when exposed to concentrated chemicals in a building. This is called the sick building syndrome. You can read more about the dangers of toxins in the workplace here.

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