Children injured by carnival bounce houses in New York

New York — Heavy winds blew several bounce houses out of control, injuring 13 bystanders. The carnival style jumping castles were set up on a soccer field of a Long Island, New York school as a fun activity in association with the soccer team. Witnesses say that the blow up castles crashed down to the ground and injured the children who were in the area. Safety inspectors and police were investigating the scene to determine if the company that provided the moonwalk bounce house was properly licensed. It was also unclear if the inflatable rides were properly tied down and secured for the windy weather. Some safety experts say that these types of events should only be allowed to be held outside during calm weather to prevent these types of mass injuries. They say that many children and even adults are injured when proper safety procedures are not followed at carnival and fairs. Operators can face charges and lawsuits for negligence if they did not take the necessary safety precautions when setting up and running the event. Check out this site for more info on the fly away inflatable rides with a video.

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