Concerns mount regarding dangerous baby seats

Recent reports highlight the dangers of a popular baby seat that consumer safety advocates say present a dangerous condition for babies. The infant seat has been associated with many accidents and injuries, including 33 baby skull fractures. The same infant seat was recalled only several years ago due to safety concerns that could lead to consumer injury. A statement from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that the seats were dangerous when used on an elevated location, such as a table or chair. At the time, quite a few children were injured by falling from the seats, including several serious head injuries. However, some concerned advocates note that the seats have also been linked to severe head injuries even when used on the floor, as directed. Some feel that the manufacturing company is negligent in continuing to produce the dangerous seats without redesigning them first. They also say that the U.S. government should push the manufacturer to recall and fix, or replace, the seats that are already in use. Reports show that many personal injury lawsuits have been filed against the company that makes the seats. You can find out more about the push to recall the accident prone seats here.

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