Congress OK's New York Bill Increasing Medical Malpractice Rights for Patients

People get hurt all the time due to medical malpractice by physicians, nurses, and medical practitioners. For example, see this story about New York hospital’s failure to diagnose an infection in a child’s hips. Fortunately, leading New York personal injury lawyers won $3,425,000 for the victim’s family. We also reported on this $3 Million NY medical malpractice case in which NY hospital failed to diagnose Meningitis. But injured members of the US military have had a tougher time getting compensation for such medical personal injuries. In the past, US courts declined to accept medical malpractice suits against the US military. A 2007 case of New York’s Carmelo Rodriguez brought that approach under question. The NY service person tragically died of skin cancer, allegedly due to a failed diagnosis and medical malpractice by the US military. According to New York’s PressConnects, yesterday, a Congressional sub-committee approved a new bill that allows medical malpractice cases against the military to be brought to civil courts. This comes as a major victory for personal injury victims of medical malpractice. If you or a loved one served had any sort of personal injury, get help right away from NY’s top personal injury lawyers.

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