Construction accident in Staten Island, New York kills worker :: Negligent homicide case filed

New York — A construction accident killed a worker when a wall collapsed and crushed the worker two years ago. Investigators have now revealed that negligent homicide charge have been filed against 2 men they say are responsible for the accident and the worker’s death. The officials from the prosecutor’s office believe that the contractors involved did not design and build the wall in a safe manner or up to building codes. Building safety codes are created to ensure that these types of construction site accidents don’t occur. Public advocates say that contractors sometimes cut corners in order to save time, money or both when building. They explain that this type of negligence can lead to safety problems, injury and wrongful death. This is not limited to workers at a construction site but can also affect the public who walk in or around these buildings. Inspections are mandatory to check on the safety of a building even before it is completed. Investigators say that this wall was not properly inspected and this may have led to the accident. An injury lawyer in New York explained that the criminal charges may also be followed by a civil lawsuit for wrongful death. Safety experts in Staten Island say this type of accident is only one of many types of injuries that can occur at a construction site. Another worker suffered an amputation of his hand during an unrelated construction site accident in Staten Island, New York this month. Read more about the negligent charges in the wall collapse case here.

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