Construction scaffold collapses, causing injuries in Harlem, New York

New York — Scaffolding being used by workers at a construction site in Harlem, New York collapsed on to a New York City Transit bus. The building was being demolished when the accident occurred, crushing the bus beneath the scaffold and construction debris. Large bricks were reported to have fallen off the side of the building and investigators are looking in to the cause of the construction accident. Up to 17 accident victims were injured in the accident and were taken to New York City hospital and trauma centers for their injuries. Police and fire officials noted that the site had the appropriate permits but they were unsure if all safety precautions were being followed. A personal injury lawyer who is familiar with construction accidents explained that sometimes contractors receive proper permits but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they follow safe practices. A dangerous condition created at the construction site could easily pose a public danger and could place the construction company at risk for a negligence lawsuit. Another scaffold construction accident occurred two years ago when a van crashed in to it. During that car accident there was one construction worker injured and 6 bystanders were hurt as well. Find out more details about the recent scaffold accident here.

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