Construction Worker Awarded Nearly $1 Million for on the Job Scaffolding Injury

Working with tools and construction machinery can be dangerous. For instance, we reported on this Bronx construction worker who fell from an 8-foot scaffold, and broke his ankle while doing his job. Fortunately, his employer, a New York Steel company, paid him over $600,000 for his injuries, thanks to the man’s winning personal injury attorney. See other examples of personal injury cases here. According to The Morning Journal, another construction worker got hurt on the job. A 62-year old steelworker had a slip and fall from an unstable scaffold, while making metal repairs. Fortunately, the man recovered $900,000 for wage losses, compensation, and medical bills. Here is the basic concept: Employers have legal obligations to make their workplaces as safe as possible, and free of hazardous conditions. When an employer fails to prevent a foreseeable accident, the employer is negligent, and legally responsible to compensate. If you or a loved one get hurt on the job, or get into an accident, contact a top injury attorney right away to get assistance.

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