Construction worker injured on the job at World Trade Center

New York — Officials are still investigating a recent construction accident at the World Trade Center work site this past week. The injured worker apparently slipped and fell while working and was impaled on a sharp piece of metal. The work injury left the victim suffering with broken bones and internal injuries. Investigators are checking to see if the job site was properly secured according to the required safety codes. Work safety advocates explain that safety rules and regulations at construction sites are set in place in order to prevent an accident due to negligence. An otherwise hazardous condition can be averted if employers and contractors follow basic safety precautions. These precautions may require safety gates or fences near high risk fall zones, hardhat helmets for workers at risk of a head injury or trauma, and special training for workers at risk for back injuries and spinal trauma. A top accident lawyer in New York points out that the same construction site was the location of another work accident the next day, when a large metal beam was blown by heavy winds into a window. Some worry that the construction company may not have taken proper safety precautions in that case, such as proper support ropes to keep the girder stable in the wind. Read up more on these construction site accidents and injury here.

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