Construction worker killed, 2 other workers injured in New York building collapse

New York — One construction worker was killed in a construction accident this past week in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City. The workman was crushed when part of the concrete building they were working on demolishing collapsed unexpectedly. Two other workers suffered serious injuries in the work accident that occurred inside of university construction site. One accident victim suffered a head injury and both victims were listed in serious condition due to their injuries. Recent reports show that the injury victims also suffered spinal injuries when the debris fell on them. Some public advocates have expressed concerns regarding the demolition company employer involved in this wrongful death case. They say the owner and the company have a history of ties to the mob and wonder if there’s proper safety oversight. A worker’s comp lawyer in New York City explained that some employers don’t take the proper safety precautions to ensure the health and safety of their employees. In some cases, this may constitute negligence and puts the worker at risk of serious injury or death. Some injured workers find it necessary to obtain a lawyer in order to help them obtain their benefits and even file a negligence lawsuit against the employer. Find out up-to-date details about this work accident here.

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