Crane accident in Manhattan linked to cheap replacement parts

New York — A construction crane that collapsed in an accident in 2008 apparently used cheap replacement parts that were made in China. Two accident victims, both construction workers, were killed during the construction accident collapse. The owner of the crane that was involved in the deadly accident was accused of trying to save money by quickly and cheaply fixing the crane before putting it back in service. He is on trial for criminal actions in the case, with the prosecution saying that this is a case of negligent maintenance that led to the deaths of two innocent victims. They say this was due to the greed of the owner in using cheap equipment and ignoring serious miscommunication issues when trying to get the crane back to work too quickly. According to a crane mechanic, one of the important replacement parts was built by a Chinese company and included notes that were written in Chinese. The mechanic and crane owner did not know what these notes meant but ordered and installed the part regardless. The engineer was never asked to review the documents. According to a New York personal injury lawyer, this may constitute negligence and opens the owner and mechanic up to both criminal and civil lawsuits, especially since this led to two wrongful death cases. Also during his testimony, the mechanic revealed that the overseas company making the replacement part even told him in an email that they had concerns regarding the quality of their welding abilities for this specific part. Miscommunications in the wording and reading of that email, as well as several others, apparently added to the confusion. The mechanic did not forward the email to his boss and the part was used anyway. The mechanic has already pleaded guilty in his criminal case and is now testifying in the lawsuit against his former boss. Further investigation in this construction site accident and deaths is underway. Check out this article for more details.

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