Product Liability: Dangerous Baby Sling Causes Suffocation

NY Personal injury lawyers stand up for the rights of their injured clients. Injuries include pain and wrongful death due to negligent production, maintenance or care of consumer products. This are is commonly known, as product liability. We recently covered the Toyota product safety recall. Now, we want to turn head toward another U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission headline. Infantino announced a mass recall of over one million baby slings. According to the US News & World Report, selected lines of Infantino carriers have a thick fabric that can obstruct the breathing of infants, particularly those under four months of age. Sold between 2003 and 2010, the units have caused at least three wrongful deaths, and possibly eleven others. To prevent any further personal injury, the company is freely replacing and/or correcting the product. Customers are encouraged to call 1-866-860-1361 for further information, and visit the company’s Recall Web site. If you or a loved one got hurt from an Infantino product, or any other faulty product, contact New York personal injury lawyers committed to winning your case.

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