Dangerous off-ramp from the Queensboro Bridge near Long Island City, New York

New York — Police report that there were 2 serious car accidents less than a week and a half apart from each other on an off-ramp from the Queensboro Bridge near Long Island City, New York. Investigators say that there were many similarities between the car accidents and some wonder why. Officials from the department of transportation explain that the road and intersection were just recently redesigned. Investigators do not think the redesigning of the intersection is what caused the accident but some public advocates say that more should have been done during the redesign to make the road safer. Advocates explain that road engineers and the department of transportation have duty to the public to build and maintain safe roads. Improper road design and improper maintenance are just some possible causes of accidents. In these 2 accidents officials say that speed may have caused them. It is unclear if negligent maintenance played a roll though. One pedestrian was struck and killed during one of the car accidents. During both car crashes the drivers suffered amputations of an arm and female passengers in the cars were seriously injured. The vehicles struck a store near the road and this has store owners worried. They say that the city should provide better safety not just to drivers and pedestrians but also to building owners nearby. You can catch more details about these 2 car accidents here.

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