Dangerous product recall :: Dishwashers may cause house fire

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) along with the General Electric (GE) company have jointly issued a voluntary product recall for the potentially dangerous products this past week. The faulty dishwashers have caused safety concerns as a product liability because they have been implicated in causing several dangerous fires so far. Consumers have been advised to discontinue use of the fire hazard-ridden machines until they have contacted the company to determine if their machine is part of the product recall. Due to concerns of overheating and electrical problems, consumers have also been told to disconnect the fuse or circuit breaker that runs to the dangerous machine. Safety experts say that the company is trying to prevent a hazardous condition that could lead to more house fires. Reports show that the fires caused by the dangerous condition have not yet caused personal injury. However, experts warn that personal injuries and illnesses, including burns and inhalation of smoke and poisonous fumes, can easily result from the use of the dishwashers before the faulty parts are fixed or replaced. Victims of a fire or injury caused by a dangerous dishwasher should first seek emergency medical help and have the right to contact a personal injury lawyer for advice on their full rights. The dangerous dishwashers were sold under the GE or Hotpoint brand names. Pictures and model numbers of the affected dishwashers that have been recalled can be found here.

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