Dangerous toy blamed for eye injury

A young toddler was seriously injured when playing with a toy stroller that tipped over on him. The injured child’s parents explain that their son was pushing a doll stroller when it fell over as it got away from him. The child victim’s face landed right on top of the stroller handle, causing his eye to be impaled. The boy suffered a serious eye injury and had to undergo multiple surgeries. Unfortunately, the injured eye had to be removed and replaced with a fake eye instead according to doctors. The injury victim’s family contends that the toy manufacturer and store are to blame for product negligence. They say that the toy was made of a poor and dangerous design and that is what led to their son’s injury and blindness in that eye. They note that the store and toy company should have designed and built the stroller to be more stable and not tip over so easily when a child plays with it. The family has sought the guidance of a personal injury law firm to help them in their quest to improve children’s safety. They warn that toy companies cannot claim innocence when they have created a hazardous condition. Some consumer product safety advocates complain that the manufacturer and store should issue a dangerous product recall and conduct a thorough investigation into this injury case before more kids are hurt. They note that too many products specifically marketed for use by children are dangerous and accident prone. Recent dangerous product recalls have been issued for items such as a kid’s toy that included small magnets and a child’s dresser that can fall over easily. To find out more about the toy stroller accident read up here.

Photo by 4028mdk09 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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