Deadly car accident after woman makes illegal U-turn

New York — A woman driving on a New York highway died during a 2-car accident according to emergency workers. New York State Police reported that the woman was making an illegal U-turn when she tried turning around in an emergency break in the center barrier of the road. The woman’s car was hit in a T-bone car accident with another vehicle coming down the highway while her car tried to re-enter the road. The woman was killed during the accident and the driver of the other car was injured. He was taken by ambulance to an emergency room of a local hospital for treatment of his accident injuries. The car collision may have been caused by the negligence of the driver making the illegal turn but investigators say the car crash is still being analyzed. However, police noted that it is illegal to use the emergency breaks in a highway divider, usually marked with signs that say “official use only,” as these are reserved for emergency vehicles only. Officials say that the driver of the second vehicle is lucky to be alive and the extent of his injuries are not yet known. A New York injury lawyer explained that the man has the right to investigate the cause of the crash and file a lawsuit case even though the woman died in this accident. It is unclear if the injured man has filed an injury lawsuit against the deceased woman’s estate and/or her insurance company. You can read more about this fatal accident here.

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