Deadly elevator accident in Manhattan, New York City

New York — A woman was fatally injured in an elevator accident in a Manhattan, NY office building last week. The accident victim was getting into the elevator car when it suddenly moved upward and crushed her. Police reported that the injured woman worked in the office building where the elevator injury occurred. According to witnesses and video cameras, the elevator doors were opened when the car started to move, trapping the victim between the elevator floor and top of the doorway. Investigators were continuing their investigation into the horrible accident to determine if there was any foreseeable hazardous condition or negligence that led to the woman’s wrongful death. Two other people were injured on the elevator and were taken to New York University Medical Center’s emergency room for treatment of their injuries. A New York City accident lawyer noted that the building’s elevators had been cited multiple times over the past several years for code violations. In addition, reports say that the elevator had been worked on recently and this may have contributed to the cause of the accident. Negligent repair maintenance is being investigated but further research would be necessary to determine specifics regarding the cause and who may have been at fault in this woman’s death. You can catch updated details about this deadly elevator accident here.

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