Doctor and clinic staff arrested :: Medical malpractice and wrongful death

A doctor and 4 of his staff members have been arrested following a long investigation in to medical malpractice in their medical clinic. The doctor was charged in the deaths of 8 patients, including 7 babies and one mother, during late term abortions. Officials have brought the case through a lengthy grand jury process where the doctor was described as performing abortions when he was not properly trained to do so. He apparently delivered many newborns alive and then killed them while calling it an “abortion.” He would even do this in to the 3rd trimester, which is notably against the law. Advocates say that this practice is not only illegal but is dangerous and leads to unnecessary medical complications. The prosecuting attorneys explain that this is not how an abortion is performed but it is actually murder. Investigators and witnesses also explain that the clinic was not properly run with equipment left dirty and dangerous. Experts note that using improperly sterilized equipment is a form of medical malpractice. The mother who died following one of these abortions apparently died due to an overdose of a sedative used as anesthesia. One of the untrained staff members in the clinic apparently overdosed the patient according to reports. The clinic staff members who were arrested were accused of performing medical procedures or practicing medicine without a proper license. One example of this is the overdose of the patient with anesthesia by an unlicensed staff member who never should have been administering medication. The doctor who ran the clinic was additionally accused of knowingly allowing this to go on. Interestingly, the defense lawyer who initially defended the doctor during the grand jury case has already stepped down. Of note, investigators say they started their investigation in to the clinic based on concern for improper prescribing of narcotics. They only discovered the medical malpractice and other illegal activities by accident. Many consumer advocates complain that the medical board should be investigated as well for not keeping a closer watch on this specific doctor and clinic. In fact, this doctor was sued in at least 10 previous medical malpractice lawsuits and was even reported to the medical board by his malpractice insurance company. A medical malpractice and wrongful death lawyer explained that the malpractice lawsuits in this case may reach past the doctor, his staff and the clinic. The medical board may also be liable for negligence for their inactions in this case. Read more on this developing story here.

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