Doctor in high-profile wrongful death case found guilty

A doctor has been found guilty by a jury in the wrongful death criminal lawsuit of famous singer, Michael Jackson. The doctor, a cardiologist, was charged with involuntary manslaughter after giving the singer an inappropriate medication, an anesthesia drug. Public health specialists say that the use of the anesthesia medication as a sleeping medication was negligent and medical malpractice. A personal injury and wrongful death lawyer in New York reports that this guilty verdict in the doctor’s criminal case reinforces the possibility that he will also face a large medical malpractice lawsuit. The malpractice lawsuit would likely contend that the doctor’s negligence lead to the victim’s wrongful death. Attorneys explain that high-profile cases like this get a lot of media attention but this is certainly not the only medical malpractice case that has led to the death of the patient. In fact, some advocates note that more needs to be done to prevent the negligent treatment of patients by doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals in both medical offices and hospitals. They say that tighter restrictions should be in place to prevent a doctor from prescribing or using medicines inappropriately. Some note that even pharmacists are sometime to blame when not providing appropriate oversight in the use of medications that they dispense. Even hospital administrators share a responsibility in implementing protocols to prevent negligent use of medications and medical malpractice. Check out this article for up-to-date details on this negligent doctor and medical malpractice case.

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