Dog attack on board an airplane from a New York area airport

A dog attacked and bit two people on a US Airways flight that left Newark airport. According to official reports, the owner of the dog let the dog out of its cage during the flight. The dog attack left both victims with dog bites before the pilot safely landed the plane. One of those victims is a flight attendant. Flight attendants often are exposed to unusual circumstances and can suffer various types of workers comp injuries. Certainly, flight attendants do not expect this type of work injury though. A trauma specialist explains that dog attacks can leave its victims with permanent scarring and disabling injuries. Depending where the dog bites occur, the victim may suffer injuries of muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and blood vessels. Beyond that, there are concerns of infections that can develop from animal bites. One injury lawyer expressed concern for the victims as well as outrage about the situation. He explained that there are strict laws that govern pets in public areas. He notes that dog attacks and dog bites often occur when owners violate local and state laws, such as leash laws. Animals are inherently unpredictable and may be dangerous. These laws were created to protect the public and pet owners bear significant liability for the actions of their animals. A personal injury lawsuit and even a wrongful death lawsuit may be filed against a pet owner, especially if the owner has acted in a negligent manner. Catch more details on the grounded US Airways flight here.

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