Dog attacks on Long Island leave several injured

New York — Four separate dog attacks involving two pit bulls occurred on the streets of a Long Island, NY neighborhood. According to reports, the first dog attack occurred when a teenage boy was attacked as he was making his way home. The teen suffered an arm injury during the assault according to doctors. Not far away from the initial strike, a woman was also bitten by the dogs on her arm as she tried to defend herself. Only several minutes later a young woman was mauled by the pair of pit bulls. This dog attack victim was reported to have an arm and leg injuries that have left her with problems walking. The last injury victim suffered facial and head injuries as well as injuries to her arms and shoulder according to the emergency responders. Police believe that the dogs are owned by the same person but the dogs and owner are still being sought. Trauma specialists explain that the assault victims face a long road ahead in healing. In addition to the obvious lacerations, broken bones and soft tissue injuries, they may have also suffered nerve damage, blood vessel damage as well as emotional injury. The pain and suffering associated with these kinds of attacks by dogs can leave the injured parties with anxiety or depression associated with a post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Officials note that dog assaults are a serious problem that may require public action or even additional laws to protect innocent citizens from dogs that are not properly kept on a dog leash. A public hearing in a separate dog mauling case is pending later this month. This can lead to euthanizing the dog, fines and personal injury lawsuits against the owners of the dog if they were found have been negligent or if they broke the law. Catch more details here about the recent Long Island dog attack.

Photo by English: Lance Cpl. M. C. Nerl [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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