Drunk driving accident in Staten Island, New York injures woman and her child

New York — A woman accident victim and her young child were both seriously hurt during a car accident in Staten Island over the weekend. The 2 victims were sleeping inside their house when an apparent drunk driver caused a serious accident by crashing into the side of the house. The mother, who is 40 years old, suffered severe burns over significant portions of her body. Meanwhile, her 5-year-old daughter suffered multiple accident injuries, including a head injury with skull fracture and facial fractures. The wounded victims had to be extricated by fire department rescue personnel since they were crushed and trapped during the car crash. They were rushed by ambulance to Staten Island University Hospital’s trauma unit in the emergency department for treatment of their injuries. Both car accident victims have been admitted to the hospital for surgeries and further treatment. It is unclear if the young child has suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of the head injury. Investigators believe the driver of the car was negligent by causing the accident after becoming intoxicated. Reports show that the allegedly drunk driver was speeding and then ran through a stop sign before hitting the house. The driver has apparently claimed that a seizure actually caused the car crash. A neurologist in New York explains that drinking alcohol can cause seizures. In addition, someone with a seizure disorder may not be allowed to legally drive in most states. Criminal charges have been filed against the driver but it was unclear if the injured victims have contacted a personal injury lawyer yet to represent them. More details about this car crash into a house are available here.

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