Elevator accident injures construction workers

New York — An elevator accident caused multiple injuries in Manhattan, New York this past week. The elevator crash occurred while about 24 workers were aboard, injuring at least 22 of the workmen. Officials reported that some of the injured sustained serious injury when the elevator fell 4 floors. They explained that they were unsure of why the accident occurred but investigators were inspecting the accident scene. It was unclear if the elevator had undergone the necessary and required inspections and maintenance. Fire department and ambulance personnel treated and transported the victims with the work injuries to area hospitals within New York City. A workers comp lawyer noted that the injured workers would need to see doctors for follow up and further work up before the full extent of the injuries could be determined. A trauma specialist agreed that some injuries, including those from a work injury, may not fully present themselves until days or weeks after the accident or injury. Injuries that may be expected from this elevator injury can include head injury with or without concussion, neck and back injury, spinal damage, broken bones, and internal organ injury. Emergency medical personnel at the scene reported that they needed to immobilize some of the injured on backboards in order to protect their spine, due to concerns of possible spinal injury. More on the Manhattan, New York elevator injury is available here with video.

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