New York Injury Lawyers Pray for Survival of Missing Coal Miners

New York injury lawyers are joining nationwide hopes for West Virgina’s four missing coal miners. Workers at the coal plant contend that dangerous work conditions, including poor ventilation, led to a dangerous buildup of methane gas. The gas allegedly prompted an explosion which has so claimed at least twenty-five lives. The last major coal mining accident occurred in 1984, and claimed 34 wrongful death victims as well as other work injuries. Construction and mining are generally regarded as dangerous work areas. Even so, employers bear responsibility for maintaining safe environments, as reasonably possible. This demands adequate ventilation and rescue provisions. If West Virginia employees are correct, than New York accident and injury lawyers expect a suit against plant owners for failure to maintain safe work conditions. The damages claims may reach high levels due to the magnitude of the dangerous conditions, the work injuries and high number of wrongful deaths. In the meantime, we hope that the remaining missing mine personnel will be found safe and sound.

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