Faulty product recall: Popular treadmill indicated in personal injuries and one death

The New York Times is reporting that the Peloton company has issued a product recall on their treadmills after apparently initially refusing requests to do so by federal agencies. According to records, this applies to specific models of the Tread and Tread+ treadmills that were associated with quite a few product injury related claims. At least one of those accident injury cases involved a child that suffered fatal injuries after he fell and was pulled underneath the treadmill. Officials say that the child was just six years old at the time when he was killed in the treadmill accident. They note that this is a well-described type of treadmill injury that is well known to manufacturers of exercise equipment. In addition, this specific treadmill has been associated with a different type of accident where the heavy video screen console can collapse and fall on to someone below. Faulty product liability specialists say that special care must be taken during the design, manufacturing, labeling and marketing of exercise equipment like treadmills to prevent unnecessary personal injury or even wrongful death. The company who manufacturers and markets the Tread+ treadmill has expressed its regret for not listening to advice and requests to recall the potentially dangerous devices earlier. While they seem to have admitted to making a mistake in this area, it must be determined if any further injuries or deaths were suffered by the public during this delay. You can find out more about these treadmill injuries here.

Photo image for illustrative purposes only. Picture Credit: Ron Gilbert Peloton at CES [License]

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