Food and Drug Administration (FDA) being sued for negligence

A lawsuit has been filed against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) based on their actions and inactions involving the use of antibiotics in animal feed. The practice of adding antibiotics in to the food supply given to animals dates back many years now. However, public advocates say that the FDA’s approval of this practice should have ended a long time ago. They claim that the FDA has had knowledge of the dangers involved with allowing this to go on. Scientists say that the feeding of antibiotics to animals that are not sick creates antibiotic resistance. They say that FDA officials have been aware of the antibiotic resistance that they were creating but did nothing about it. This negligence, they say, now costs consumers money, their health, and even their lives. Some patients who need antibiotics have found them to be ineffective and part of this can be attributed to the resistance that built up by feeding antibiotics to healthy animals according to scientists. The primary complaint noted by those filing the negligence lawsuit is that the FDA knew that they were allowing this threat to the public health as early as 1977 but did nothing to prevent it. Some believe the agency has committed a form of malpractice. They say this is similar to medical malpractice of a doctor who unnecessarily prescribes medications to unsuspecting patients. It is another example of a dangerous condition created by someone or even an entire agency who are tasked with protecting people. Find out details on the FDA malpractice lawsuit here.

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