Food recalls announced due to safety and health concerns

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced several new food recalls due to health and safety concerns. A recent recall involved frozen green peas that were recalled voluntarily by the Pictsweet company. The company explained there were reports of glass fragments ending up in their product. Another voluntary food recall involved dried sea food produced by Foremost Foods International, Inc. That company warned of contamination by bacteria called clostridium botulinum. The FDA has also recently announced a recall of several carrot and cucumber juices produced by the Bronx, New York company, Pats Exotic Beverages, Inc. The consumer alert in this case warned of a severe health risk due to potential food poisoning from these drinks. Health inspectors stated that the New York based company in this case did not use mandated processes to prevent the spread of food borne pathogens. Note was made that no illness has yet to be reported in these cases. Health officials note that often times food or defective product recalls are issued just in time to prevent large outbreaks of illness or injury. However, there are times when consumers are not as well protected due to negligence or a faulty product. Personal injury lawyers in the New York area explain that they are often consulted by consumers who may have suffered due to negligence or noncompliance with safety regulations, as seen with the Pats Exotic Beverages company who is based in New York City.

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