Garbage truck kills pedestrian in Brooklyn, New York

New York — A woman was struck by a garbage truck and killed during the accident last week. The accident occurred in Brooklyn, New York as the victim was crossing the street in the early evening. Reports show that the accident victim was from Long Island, New York and was in college in New York City. Police were investigating the sanitation truck accident but did not believe the any criminal charges would be filed. A New York City personal injury lawyer noted that the fact that police were not recording criminal charges does not mean a personal injury lawsuit could not be filed. In fact, many car accidents, including a pedestrian accident like this one, can be caused by negligence even when not specifically criminal in nature. A full investigation would be necessary to determine if the garbage truck driver or the owner of the truck, in this case the City of New York, acted in a negligent manner that could have caused the deadly accident. Some accident investigations require a private investigator to determine details about the cause of the crash. Pedestrian accidents like this can be caused by driver inattention, equipment failure from improper maintenance, or even human error. Catch more details about this truck accident here.

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