General Motors announces defective seatbelt recall

Another car maker, this time General Motors (GM), has announced a car recall due to defective safety equipment. The executive director of safety at GM explained that some of the seatbelts may not lock properly. During a car accident this can cause significant personal injury or death. Consumers have been warned to bring their cars in as soon as possible to have the broken seatbelts repaired. The General Motors recall effects nearly a quarter of a million cars on the road. Personal injury attorneys in New York explain that more serious personal injuries occur when passengers are not properly buckled in. These injuries include head injury, traumatic brain injury, neck and back pain, herniated disc or spinal injury and broken bones. Deaths from a motor vehicle accident are also more likely when seatbelts are not working properly. A top injury lawyer can help determine your rights if you are injured due to defective equipment. Another recent car recall was from the Toyota recall involving floor -pedal accelerator problems. Toyota has been plagued with concerns of personal injury lawsuits and wrongful death lawsuits due to these problems as well as floor mats that can slip and block the pedals. Safety experts note that car manufacturers need to constantly check on the quality of their cars and especially the safety equipment. Full information on the General Motors recall is available here.

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