Health code violations close popular New York restaurant

New York — A popular pizzeria was closed down by the New York City Department of Health this past week due to multiple health code violations. The Brooklyn, NY restaurant was cited for several health hazards, that the health department says can cause a health hazard to consumers. Included among the violations were improper refrigeration of food; signs of bugs, flies and mice; and improper washing or sanitizing of food areas. According to some reports, this pizza place has been cited several times for a dangerous health condition in the past. In 2006 and 2007, this restaurant was given multiple failing health inspections and closed several times due to the dangerous condition created by the violations. The pizza shop seems to have corrected the past violations in order to pass inspections to re-open the store but seems to rack up more violations not long after. A top personal injury attorney in New York City explained that the dangers involved with these types of health code violations can cause illness, disability and even wrongful death. If a patron becomes sick because of the restaurant, then the owners and business can face a serious personal injury lawsuit due to negligence. Read more about the pizzeria’s health department closure and re-opening here.

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