Injuries, including pedestrians, after car crash on New York City sidewalk

New York — Three cars were involved in a car accident in the Midtown section of Manhattan, New York City. The first vehicle apparently hit a second car that was stopped at a red light. The first car then ran into four pedestrians that were walking on the sidewalk. That car then rolled over and crashed into a tree. Meanwhile, the second car was pushed into a taxi cab with passengers, causing yet another car accident with injuries. Police reports show that at least eight accident victims were taken by ambulances to local New York hospitals and trauma centers for treatment of their accident injuries. Safety advocates worry that this multi-vehicle car collision may have been caused by reckless driving and illustrates the dangers of careless driving. Some note that pedestrian safety is also at stake, not just the safety of other drivers and passengers on the road. This pedestrian was killed in a car accident in Queens, New York while she was actually on her way to a transportation meeting about pedestrian safety. She was hit by a car after getting off a city bus and crossing the street. More details about the three vehicle car accident in Manhattan are available here.

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