Laws created to protect drivers from car accidents may not help

Researchers have recently reported that laws designed to prevent car accidents may not be helping. Auto accident experts from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety explain that despite laws in many states that prohibit texting while driving there have actually been more car crashes while texting. Concerned car accident experts note this may be due to drivers actually trying to hide their cell phone while texting and driving. This may add to the distraction caused by the texting activity itself. Lawmakers have worked hard to create laws to prevent distracted drivers from causing accidents and injury. Like many states, New York has already passed laws that prohibit cell phone use without a hands-free device and texting while driving. Now they are looking closer at the subject to see if the law has had the desired effect. A New York based auto accident lawyer familiar with the issues says reducing driver distractions is still an important priority and will reduce car accidents. Unfortunately, the questions remain: What’s the best way to get drivers to pay attention to the road? How do we prevent driver distraction with all of the available distractions in the modern day motor vehicle? Read up more on distracted drivers and driving laws here.

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