Lawsuits against New York City continue from last year's snow and ice

New York — The City of New York is still battling personal injury lawsuits and from last year’s blizzard. The snow and ice storm took many days to clean up and reportedly left many people injured by various types of accidents, including slip and fall accidents, tripping on improperly shoveled snow, and icy sidewalk hazardous conditions. Some injuries stemmed from a car accident due to the ice. Nearly 1,200 lawsuits were filed against New York City following the snow storm, claiming the city was negligent in not properly and quickly plowing, shoveling and removing dangerous ice and snow. According to the city’s records, it has paid close to $2 Million in lawsuit settlements and judgments against it. Many observers have noted that the city acted negligently even before the storm by not preparing equipment and not issuing proper safety warnings to the public. Public advocates hope that this experience and the subsequent negligence lawsuits will push the city and building owners to think ahead to protect the public. They say that the storm last year will set a precedence for the importance and the liability for those who don’t properly shovel, plow and salt areas under their responsibility. Catch more details about the winter blizzard and subsequent accident lawsuit here.

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